International Missions Supports Services, Inc

is a registered 501 C-3 nonprofit corporation that was created to facilitate the spread of the Gospel of Jesus Christ by supporting missions training centers and missionaries.

Jim and Patty Waldron are the presiding elders of this ministry. The board of directors is comprised of men and women from their Home church, "Clarksville Vineyard" and the missions training center where we serve.

IMSS,Inc. is the financial vehicle created to serve the Waldrons in whatever ministries God may lead them into. It's relationship to any other organization is based upon the personal relationships of Jim and Patty to that organization.

Jim's and Patty's 25 years of experience in business and ministry is being used by God to expand His Kingdom. Supporting the Churches and missionaries in Cuba is their primary work.
"We do not believe that "ministry" can be defined in traditional religious terms. Ministry is obeying God and giving of yourself in whatever He tells us to do. It does not matter if the soldier makes the bullets, carries the bullets or shoots the bullets, all are soldiers and all are as necessary as the others, so long as the Kingdom of God is advanced."
"We believe that God has commanded ALL persons in the Church, the Body of Christ, to be witnesses, baptizers and disciple makers. First, in your hometown, then simultaneously spreading out to the whole earth. This is known as the "Great Commission" not the "Great Suggestion." Every person, in some way, must be fulfilling that call. We believe if you are not actively called to go, then you called to send."

Our Call

To give our lives to the world and to the Body of Christ, just as Jesus gave His life for them.

Mission Statement

Our mission statement is two fold.
First, to impact the nation of Cuba by supporting and training that nation's Church leaders.
Second, to fulfill the great commission by supporting and establishing missions centers by training and discipling young people, as well as, personally carrying out active outreaches to the lost.

Vision Statement

To love as Jesus loved and to give ourselves to others in the same manner as Jesus did in order that we also may say, "for the joy set before us we endured the cross." To remain pliable before the Lord and sensitive to others throughout the course of our lives. To never become "set in our ways" or hard hearted. To work hard with our hands as an example to others. To love, mentor and disciple this present generation, passing on the experience, truths and passions God has given us.


-- Holiness. To model holiness for the sake of others. John 17:19
-- Love and Unity. In all we do to insist that love be our guide. Choosing to unite with common truths rather than divide over preferences. Love is the greatest expression of God's character and power.
-- Holy Spirit's Power. To walk in God's authority, anointing and power but never use these wonderful gifts in selfish ways.
-- Hard work. To work hard as an example of servant hood.
-- Great Commission. To fulfill this common command to all believers
-- Fatherhood. To Father and Mother this present generation.

-- Relationships. Our relationships are priceless, we will develop and maintain loving and pure relationships. We will never sacrifice our relationships on the altar of sin or opinion.



The Cuba Missions Alliance and IMSS, Inc are organized to fulfill the "Great Commission" of Jesus Christ.
They are not political organizations in any sense. They accept no moneys from any government or it's agents.
This site is to be used solely as a communication source for all Christian ministries interested in Cuba.
We reserve the right to censor any content deemed inappropriate.
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